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LM86 Magnetic Slat Liquid Level Meter Series


The LM86 levelmeter is used for measuring liquid levels in open or pressurized tanks. Due to its special design, it is particularly suitable for use in connection with aggressive, noxious or flammable substances and tough service conditions.No power is required for local liquid-level indication.Optionally, the unit can be equipped or retrofitted with an electrical analogue level transducer system and/or limit switches.
Measuring Priciple
The unit operates on the principle of communicating tubes. The measuring tube is connected as a side vessel to the tank such that the same conditions are obtained in the tube as those in the tank.
The float is equipped with a system of permanent magnets to transmit measured values to the local indicator.The magnet system of the float activates the magnetic flaps according to the liquid level,or a movable follower magnet in the indicating section of the indicator.




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