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FY86T Torque-tube Float Level/Interface Indicator

FY86T Torque-tube Float Level/Interface Indicator is mainly for continually measurement of level and scope meters. Novel instrumentation design structure, transmitter, indicator, all stainless steel shell. Trendy, unique style, anti-corrosion, anti-sun radiation, anti-aging, long life, high temperature, high pressure resistance, corrosion resistance, and meet the needs of the emerging industrial automation control. Installation, measurement, applicable conditions in full compliance with the liquid level, sector-meter measurement and control technology requirements. Meet the needs of a variety of installation conditions, the installation in the form.
Measuring range:300-6000 mm
Accuracy class:1.0% FSD
Load capacity:600 Ω
Medium Proportion:0.4-1.4 t/m3(≥0.15 t)
Power Voltage:24 VDC
Siginal:4-20 mA
Working pressure:
Stardard:4.0 MPa
High Pressure:6.4、 10.0、16.0 MP
Protection Rank:IP65:Exd(ia) II CT6


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