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FW58 Flow Switch Series

The FW58 series of flow switches are used for visual and electrical checking of various liquids. Unique streamline structure, accurate and stable design, widely apply to monitor the flow of liquids in pipes and cooling and lubrication system in all kinds of large, medium, minimum devices, such as electric generating unit, electric motor unit, rolling mills, compressors, transfer system and so on. The instrument will output a control signal when the pre-set switching points are exceeded. In addition, they can be installed in any position, which makes installation much easier. Therefore, it can be widely applied to monitor industrial flow in a variety of industries, such as oil field and petroleum refining industry, chemical and ethylene plants, pharmaceutical and metallurgical industries, power plant and paper mill, food products and wine factories, light industry and textile industry, industrial welding and water disposal industries, etc.
Operation principle
By adopting conical measuring tube and measuring target, at the time of flowing through along tapered tube, the measuring target will be correspondingly displaced along with flow. The displacement of measuring target produces balance under the function of spring equilibrant, then by means of indicating system to be transferred from magnetic coupling system, finally realizing flow monitoring and controlling


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