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FPV 58 Series Vortex Flowmeter

FPV58 series intelligent vortex flowmeter including
FPV580, FPV581, FPV582.
FPV580: 2-wire (24 VDC), 4~20ma, pulse output.
Refer FPV580 manual for detail.
FPV581: Temperature and pressure compensation
2-wire (24 VDC), 4~20ma, pulse output.
Refer FPV581 manual for detail.
FPV 582: Steam saturation, lithium battery, display
total. Refer FPV582 manual for detail
Simple structure, no moving part, reliable, durable with one echelon vortex generator.
Output is proportional with flow rate.
The two pieces piezoelectric components are used to tests the vortex being not contact with the
Liquid, gas and vapor could be measured by transmitters with same structure.
The mediums under all temp. and pres. could be measured.


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