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FM59 Electromagnetic Flow meter Series


FM59-electromagnetic flowmeter was developed based on principle of electromagnetic induction, i.e.,when conductive liquid flows into measuring tube, the corresponding induction voltage signal, inspected from two electrodes installed on the tube, will be transmitted in transmitter and finally output digital signal.FM59 Electromagnetic flowmeter is applied to measure the volumetric flow of conductive liquids and slurry in enclosed pipes, such as tap water, polluted water, mud, pulp, various acid/alkali/salt solutions,food slurry, etc. It has a wide range of applicant ambient, including oil interests, chemical industry, power plant, mining and metallurgic plant, water supply and sewerage works, light industry, food products factory,and so on.

Operation principle
The measurement principle of this flowmeter is based on principle of electromagnetic induction. The measuring tube of flowmeter is a short non-magnetic alloy tube with insulating lining material inside. Two electrodes are fixed on measuring tube by crossing through tube wall along the direction of pipe diameter.At the moment of exciting coil, an operating magnetic field with magnetic flux density B will be produced in the vertical direction with axial line of measuring tube. Meanwhile, if fluid with certain electric conductivity flow into measuring tube, electromotive force/generated voltage E will be induced from magnetic line, which is in direct proportional with magnetic flux density B, product of inner diameter of measuring tube d and average flow rate v. The electromotive force E (flow signal), induced by electrodes, is transmitted to transmitter through cable.After amplifying the flow signal by transmitter,display can show flow and output pulse, analog current, and so on, so as to control and adjust the flow.


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