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BFP Armored Purge Flow meter Series

The robust design of BFP Armoured Purge Flowmeter is applied to measure the flow of liquid and air medium and stabilize and control pressure.To be applied with M8,M6, M1and micro APmetal tube Float&Rotor or micro glass tube float(rotor) Flowmeter and PAO, PEI static pressure adjustor,BFP Armoured Purge Flowmeter could make the pressure change at inlet and outlet constantly.The latest design meets the needs of the automatic control of new industries. The installation, measurement and applied environment are approved by Flowmeter and technology control. It is therefore be widely used in refinery of petroleum,chemistry, pharmacy, metallurgy power plant, textile, industrial jointing and water treatment.
Operation principle
It measures the position of the float in the conical pipe for precise instrument by changeable area principle. The float will ascend to the top of the conical pipe with medium flow until the weight of the floater balanced the upwards force.There is a magnetic steel to be sealed inside the float, driving the outer pointer to move on the scale, the moving angle is integral 90 degree.
The meter ensures the suitable installing position of various trailing. The techniques it provides is the O ring on the trailing connector of the flow pipe and the seal.There is no need to supply electrical connection to the standard unit of each module which are totally mechanically run.
All the connections could be supplied with alarm options which depends on the float connection.



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