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Industry dynamics

Beijing Tianzhu Airport Economic Development Zone

2012/12/5 17:07:00

      Beijing municipal key construction of high-end industry function area, the capital's east development belt new growth pole, national first airport economic high-end park.



The situation:

Relying on the capital airport resources and regional advantage, Beijing airport economic zone after more than ten years of development, has formed by the Beijing tianzhu comprehensive bonded zones, Beijing tianzhu airport economic development zone, Beijing LinHe economic development zone, international business district, Beijing airport logistics base, Beijing auto production base and so on the function and the airport group around six key town as the platform, equipment manufacturing, automotive and other modern manufacturing for support, aviation, high technology, modern logistics, exhibition industry cluster airport fast development, the leading industry outstanding, industrial agglomeration obvious, radiation ability of high-end industry driven function area, are becoming the capital's east development belt with the greatest economic vitality new poles. Beijing airport economic zone core planning area of 96 square kilometers (including the airport covers an area of 27 square kilometers).


The zone advantage:

A solid industrial foundation:

Beijing airport economic zone have a national comprehensive bonded area and four Beijing municipal economic functions, created the Beijing 1/8 of the total industrial output and 4% of the total economy. The well-known enterprise is assembled, the world 500 strong enterprises more than 30, more than 80 multinational company, aviation and related enterprise of more than 170, and the foreign investment enterprise more than 600; China international airlines, airbus, Germany Lufthansa's aviation, TNT group, Korean modern, Beijing first machine tool plant, China aviation oil corporation, China aviation supplies import and export group company for many famous enterprises both at home and abroad in the development together.


Complete infrastructure:

Beijing airport economic zone there are many large water factory, a large sewage treatment plant and large junk XiaoNa factory, gas pipeline and communication optical cable has realized complete coverage. Beijing urban light rail to the airport light rail to the capital, M15 number lines, 101 national highway, airport express, the high speed, the flat pile high speed, the sixth circle road network and dense, perfect traffic network has reached the international advanced level.


The vast room for development:

Beijing airport economic zone has the planning area of big, industrial potential, the location advantage prominent strong characteristics, is gradually becoming a map of the city's economy has the core competitiveness of the development area. This land is rich in resources, there is nearly 40 square kilometers urban construction land available for development and utilization. This development platform perfect, has become the of all kinds enterprise extending hope, castmagnificently fertile soil.


The development environment of excellence:

Location a beautiful natural environment and pleasant, 63000 acres of forest park chaobai river water Lin blend, wen yu river ecological corridor has become the richest euramerican amorous feelings of the noble rendezvous for habitation. This cultural environment harmonious massiness, shunyi districts government "regardless of the enterprise, but for all enterprises are in for all kinds of enterprise alike, and support" consciousness and shunyi honest people, eyes open, modern consciousness, honest and trustworthy character, common concise out "with one up, scientific innovation, his feet on the ground, the pursuit of excellence" spirit of shunyi.


The strategy and the layout:

Beijing airport economic zone future will take "more than one area, the" development pattern, adhere to the "high, high efficiency, high radiation" industry development road, based on the existing industry, the development of aviation industry, producer service industry in the airport and high technology industry, will become the capital construction of ecological international airport economic new town, global airport high-tech industry highland, international association of hub portal, world-class innovative airport-related economg brand.

1. Creating a comprehensive west airport bonded park: to speed up the construction of the area comprehensive tianzhu, give full play to the "international transshipment, international procurement, international distribution, international entrepot trade and bonded processing, bonded logistics" policy function, emphasizing on the development of international trade, trade in services, modern logistics, bonded processing and so on four big industry.

2. The west airport to make the high technology industrial park and international exhibition park: to airport economic development zone, based on international economic and technical development international airport radiation center and its surrounding area, emphasizing on the development of the electronic information and biomedicine high technology manufacturing industry and the airport on software industry, r&d industry, and information service of high technology services mainly. Actively promoting the new international exhibition center, HuaBoHui exhibition hall and its surrounding area construction, focus on the cultivation and introduce exhibition brand, strengthens the exhibition industry, develop the finance and other related industries, and extending the industrial chain.

3. The airport south side make international business park: speed up the construction of the international business district to attract domestic and international aviation enterprise headquarters, financial services institutions as a breakthrough, emphasizing on the development of financial insurance, business services and production services, create economic and modern business base headquarters.

4. The airport build modem manufacturing east park: to LinHe economic development zone, Beijing auto production base, aviation industrial park and shougang cold rolled to rely on, radiation printing industry base, the north YangZhen auto parts industry base and the surrounding area, emphasizing on the development of numerical control machine, printing machine, special electronic equipment, automobile and spare parts manufacturing industries.

5. The airport north of modern logistics park make: to airport logistics base to rely on, nurturing large-scale logistics enterprise, to speed up the development of modern logistics industry and to make service in northeast Asia, radiation bohai sea aviation logistics hub.

6. The airport the northeast build style leisure industry park: to the water park, the Olympic forest park and its surrounding area chaobai river, based on key development of the sports leisure industry, cultural entertainment industry and tourism vacation industry.




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